Big Productions

Meet The DJs


Matt Barga (DJ BLUTO)

Matt is an Emcee and DJ working in the business since 2008.  Having honed his skills hosting trivia and karaoke shows at local venues, he’s focused in recent years on the Wedding business.  Often told “you have the best Emcee voice I’ve ever heard”, he’s just the man to stand before your guests and command their attention, making sure all eyes are on you when they should be.

Braden Stone (DJ BRAY)

DJ Bray has been working as DJ since 2012, keeping people dancing at weddings, bars, night clubs, house parties, private events, and more!  Whether you’re into Top 40, Country, Remixes, Live Mixes, EDM, Club, or Rock, DJ Bray will leave you wanting “one more song”. Bray is also a producer, audio engineer and will occasionally DJ live from his house. You can learn more about him here


Chris jones (CJ THE DJ)

CJ the DJ is the newcomer to the team, and a solid DJ and Emcee.  He’s run acclaimed trivia and karaoke shows at bars for several years, and has been doing weddings since the 2016 season.  Both capable of leading your activities from the microphone and keeping your guests dancing to the most popular songs, CJ will help give you the day you’ve always dreamed of.